Fun Facts About Rostock

Did you know there is a city in the world called Rostock? I bet, this is your first time to hear this. Well, Rostock is a city found in the northern part of Germany. The town lies at the peak of the Warnow River delta. This is about thirteen kilometers south-southeast of Baltic outport. 

If you thought this is a small city, you are wrong. Rostock is the main transportation center. It is a port city, a hub for shipbuilding and industry, Apart from that, it is a popular area of recreation and tourism. This city offers you a variety of things to do while there. There are great places to visit and good restaurants to have your meals. If you are searching for facts about Rostock, here are some fun facts that will blow you away. 

It is not crowded

Unlike other cities in the world, you will find it funny that Rostock isn’t crowded. It is estimated that Rustock has a population of 205, 000 by 2017. This makes it the biggest town city in the area. While the population isn’t that much, much of the developed area of this town is to the Western part of Warnow. Additionally, the eastern area of this town is fame thanks to its global port, the Tostock Health Forest, and commercial locations.

There is a Baltic Port 

This city has a Baltic port that is useful in ferrying traffic as well as the handling of cargo. Also, Warnemunde is the proud host of German’s biggest cruise boat harbor. Apart from that, the Rostock-Laage Airport serves the cruise vessels with passengers. The airport is crucial for business and holiday flights. Also, the airport is the most economically and culturally vital city in the area. Its position by the sea gives it a shape, a dynamic cosmopolitan cultural site.

Holy Cross monastery

This is among the oldest buildings in the town. The convent was established in 1270 based on guidelines from Queen Margaret II, a Danish. The convent building is the only one in this town that has been fully maintained for centuries. While there are many exceptional 13th century structures in this city, this one stands out from the rest. 

These days, it supports the description of the ancient museum. The good thing about this place is that you can access all the historical buildings that you wish to visit. The beautiful design of the interiors of these buildings will leave in awe. There is also a church that stills stands here and it is under the management of a local university.


While only a few people away from Germany know about this city, it is an exceptional place. There are so many things you can do here and enjoy your trip. For anyone looking to have inspiration for the next architectural project, this city will serve you best. The traditional buildings are all you need to have the inspiration on decorations for interiors. If you are visiting this place with your children you can have fun on Karls Erlebnis-Dorf cultivation enterprise. This was established in 1921. It is similar to a big open-air entertainment hub.